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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
User name: Hina Ichigo/Sakura-kiss
Age: 20
Country: Venezuela
Likes: Shoujo, Shonen, Yoai, Yuri, and anime/manga in general.
Dislikes: people who think that they're better than other just becuase they have money.
Favorite food: any thing that haves chocolate xD

Current Residence: Some place in the world....
Favourite genre of music: -music, techno and rock
Favourite style of art: Doushinji
Favourite cartoon character: Uzumaki Naruto and Naruko
Personal Quote: I'm not crazy, the voices in my head are the crazy ones

Hello my little darlings! And welcome to my ranch.

Here you will find the ideas and half plots that from time to time come to live in my brain, but since i have zero talent for writting i'll give them to you all so maybe one of them can be developted. In exchange, i'll give you a fanart or sketches of one of your own characters.

Also, don't be discouraged if someone has already adopted a plot you found interesting. After all, not all writers have the same style, so fell free to use them as many times and with as many variables as you want.



Category: Crossover - Katekyo Hitman! Reborn x Soul Eater

Subcategory: N/A

Summary: "Tsuna was just a regular meister in training searching for a weapon partner before he's kicked out of Shibusen. Until his father sent a crazy home tutor that says he was gonna be the next boss of the mafia. Oh, and now he needed six weapon guardians."


- Just take the KH!R characters and throw them into the SE world.

- Prefered timeline would be after the SE manga, or an AU were the SE gang has already graduated and some of them became teachers beside Stein.

- Or you could mostly ignore the SE students and make Tsuna and the gang part of another class, have their own missions, etc. Though a little interaction betwen them could be used as (more) comic relief.

- Please make a scene with Excalibur. Or Reborn pretending to be Excalibur. OR Excalibur meeting a Reborn that pretends to be Excalibur.

- Maybe Shamal could try to molest Medusa and get a fist full of snakes for his troubles.... 

- Hibari with tonfa arms would also be hilarious




Category: Crossover - Harry Potter x Howl's Moving Castle

Subcategory: N/A

Summary: "He wasn't sure how he got there. One minute he's fleeing from an angry Horntail mother, and suddenly he's flying over a flower field watching a weirdly shaped walking castle"


- Set during the first task of the Triwizard tournament and after the Moving Castle movie or first novel.

- Harry gets transported to Howl's world while fleeing from the enraged Hungarian Horntail, so he only has his wand, the Firebolt and the clothes on his back

- He offers to work helping Sophie around the castle in exchange of Howl helping him find a way back to Hogwarts, could also offer help with the limited spells and potions he knows.

- Howl at some point tries to teach him some of his magic and potions, whenever he succeeds or not in either of them it's up to the writer.

- Those that know of Howl's real appearance will think Harry is either Howl's brother or cousin do to their hair and their magic.




Category: One Piece

Subcategory: N/A

Summary: "After Sanji's recruitment. In wich Luffy is female, all  the crew knows excep for Sanji who finds out accidentally/in an embarrasing way, and after to much existential and moral crisis decides to label his captain as genderless, and therefore kickable"


- Flat-chested Fem!Luffy

- Sanji's POV (Optional)

- Crack!

- Character sketch offered in return!

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Thank you so much for adding me to your watch list, i am utterly flattered :heart: ~Theresa
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No problem! Your work is amazing! I wish i could bake and decorate like that!
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